Review – Wrath (Deadly Sin Series book 1) by Penelope Marshall

I am rating this as 4 stars.



I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Apart from some elements that I am not a big fan of, this book was very well written and I enjoyed reading it. The characters had depth and the many facets showed not just the good but also the flawed aspects as well. A second chance at love, surrounded by betrayal, deception, murder, pyschotic ex lovers and a whole host of twists and turns makes for a read that you just can’t seem to put down. 


For years I was a good wife, watching my husband, Christian, the mob boss for the Cerisi crime family, sleep with every woman in sight.

But all that changed after an impromptu girl’s trip to Chicago which led me to a passionate one-night-stand with a handsome, blue-eyed, stranger who was everything Christian was not.

Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be a stranger for very long.

All I wanted was to put that night behind me.

All he wanted was to relive it…

You can find get a copy here at Amazon.


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