Pondering 🤔 

It’s strange how health issues hit you over the head with a 4×2 and leave you wondering how it all came about. I’ve been pretty quiet the last few days since my doc dropped yet another medical bomb shell, yup you got it more shit than I need to deal with. (I seriously must have stomped and killed a lot of  🐜 in a previous life) So on top of the neck issues & possible seratonin syndrome it looks like I have diabetes as well. Waiting on the confirmed diagnosis but he’s pretty sure I have it going from the test results and the daily monitoring of the last week.

Type 2 is lifestyle and diet controlled, my exercise stuff went minimal when it triggered my nerve pain and add in medication my weight gained and went back to around 100kg in the last 2 1/2 years. But I have always eaten reasonably healthy aka maccas, pizza etc are a once in a blue moon job and since alcohol doesn’t mix well with pain killers my soft drink intake is kept to a minimum as well since I only tend to drink it if it’s got additives aka rum or scotch in it. Apart from a great aunt who had diabetes due to obesity no one in my family has it, so it’s not even a genetic factor. My daughter had gestational diabetes, but she has a genetic risk from her fathers side not mine. 

So how can someone so low risk factor wind up with this disease? I’m stumped 🤔 it plays over and over in my head, it’s triggered the focusing on one thing above all others trigger for my anxiety. I feel so bad for my doctor because he didn’t want to give me more bad news on top of the last 2 1/2 years. He dragged my eldest girl in with us from the waiting room after hitting me with the news because I needed the support. He’s thoughtful that way. My youngest was upset over the news but gleeful as well since the diet nagging began. Hmm think that was payback for when I did it to her when we learned she had gestational diabetes. Cheeky shit that she is.

Anyone that have some yummy diabetes safe recipes, please throw my way. It would be appreciated. Giving up potatoes, rice and pasta is going to kill me. We tried my tuna macaroni casserole and it pushed me over the safe limit – it’s one of my favourite dishes to eat 😩

Now that I’ve had my whinge post it’s off to bed for me. I’m trying to think up some ways to spice up my blog in hopes I focus on that instead. Much, much, much nicer focus point than the current one. Night all 💤💤💤


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