Review – Dutch (Lucifer’s Breed MC book 4) by Ryder Dane

4 stars for this one.



Yowser, Ryder Dane just gets better and better with each new book in the Lucifer’s Breed series. Secrets are out in the open, two lost hearts meet their match, action, betrayal and in a way redemption all rolled into this story. As with any of Ryder’s books, once I start to read I have to continue until I get to the end. Dutch has become my favourite of these wild boys and their machines. Though it can be read as a standalone, in my personal opinion you need to read the 3 prior books in the series first. Keep em coming, Ryder!


Dutch had traveled to this backwater mud hole to take his friend home. He never dreamed that there would be a wild woman with jewel colored eyes waiting to be rescued and restored to her family.

A woman could be forgiven for wanting to see the arrogant bad boy brought to his knees. He was bossy and she would be happy to be dropped off as soon as they reached their destination. Why some smart woman hadn’t done him in by now was anyone’s guess.

Get your copy here at Amazon.


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