Review – Boundless (Pandora book 2) by Kali Argent

5 stars for this intergalactic love story.



I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Now I adored the first book in Kali’s Pandora series and I feel the same way with Boundless. Danger, intrigue, action and a kick butt heroine who is more than a match for her hero in every way.  Kali does it to me every time, whether a book arrives either in iBooks or my Kindle app, I am right there reading, gripped to the very end. Her storylines are well thought out, her characters are out of this world and the heat factor is off the charts. Now I have to wait for her next release before I can get my Kali fix, great work Kali!!!


After years of hard work and sacrifice, Aeryn Chase is finally in possession of her own merchant ship. Piloting the Nightshade gives her purpose, security, and most of all, freedom—or so she thought. Touching down on Nekron for a scheduled trade stop, she didn’t expect to be detained by guards or have her ship ransacked, nor did she anticipate meeting the likes of Lieutenant Xavian Tira.

Enlisting the Earthling’s help to track down a fugitive, infiltrate a high-stakes auction, and locate a missing Legacy didn’t figure into Xavian’s plans. With the clock ticking and no alternatives, he reluctantly agrees, but from the moment they arrive on Earth, things only go from bad to worse. As Aeryn’s life hangs in the balance, Xavian is faced with an impossible decision—the death of one, or the death of many.

But how can he possibly choose between the woman he loves and the survival of an entire race?

Grab your copy here at Amazon.


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