Review – Warrior (Galactic Gladiators book 2) by Anna Hackett

Holy smokin, got a new favourite 5 stars for me!



I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Hell Squad its not you it’s me, I have found that I am fickle and well Anna’s new Galactic Gladiator series has kicked you off the top spot, your now in second place I’m afraid. Warrior is book 2 in her new series and it’s an awesome read. Big, bad, beautiful  alien gladiators, action, adventure and hot steaminess all rolled into a book that has the reader turning the pages for more. Thorin and Regan grabbed my heart from the very beginning.


Fighting for love, honor, and freedom on the galaxy’s lawless outer rim…

It was supposed to be an exciting job on a space station, but instead, scientist Dr. Regan Forrest finds herself fighting for her life when she’s kidnapped by alien slavers. Far from Earth and forced into a violent gladiatorial arena on the outer rim, she finds herself swept into the brawny arms of a big, wild alien gladiator.

Weapon, brute, gladiator, warrior… Sirrush warrior Thorin has been called many things. As a warrior of his people, he was a dark, dangerous weapon until even his own family were too afraid of him. Sold into slavery in the Kor Magna Arena, he has long ago earned his freedom. Now he enjoys the violent but rewarding life he’s carved out for himself. Until he rescues one small, smart, and perplexing female from alien slavers.

Regan is determined to make a place for herself in her new home. She may not have the skills to fight in the arena, but she’s smart and knows she can help…even as she fights her attraction to the big, bold, and fascinating Thorin. She knows he’ll never be interested in her. But when Regan catches a glimpse of her cousin across a crowded market, she needs help to mount a rescue, and it comes in the form of the gladiator she desperately wants. A gladiator hiding a dark, uncontrollable secret with the power to destroy them both.

Grab you copy here:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

You can add it to your TBR list here on Goodreads also.


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