Review – Predator by Michelle Horst

PredatorPredator by Michelle Horst

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Um can I say hooked…

This story has a very dark beginning but the ending hits the reader with a one, two, three. Michelle has created two characters that have such depth to them, that with each action and emotion, they dragged me along with them for the whole ride. It was like a roller coaster with hills, dips, twists and turns. After trauma, depression and anxiety play a major role and it’s a battle not fought lightly. Cara’s strength in battling everything that has happened to her, only to come out a winner awed me. But it was Damien’s depth, compassion and will that absolutely floored me. I want my very own Damien please, pretty pretty please. Michelle your creative ability in writing has me screaming for more. This is the second book of yours I have read and with each one I could not simply put it down, in fact I may have whimpered like a baby when I saw those two words, The End. I wasn’t ready to let go. Keep em coming, because I need my fix!!!

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