It’s a controversial topic but one that rears its head once in a while and tonight it is my turn to raise it. I was sitting here and saw that one of the authors I have been following for about 20 years has just released a new book. I love the series and will be reading the book however… and its not just one author but several that I have been following for a very long time that do this. It’s the pricing of the ebook that I can’t understand. I started reading ebooks when they weren’t even a popular format and I am pretty sure its a choice my book shelves have appreciated.

Now back to the however.  As much as I love the authors and their series, rather than buy the book I will in fact borrow it from someone to read as I literally cannot afford to pay what they are asking for an ebook. What they charge for one book, I can purchase 10 ish other ebooks from other authors I love. Yes authors have the right to earn a living and price their books accordingly, I’m all for that but when does it become to much? Those who love to read and have been fans for years suddenly look to borrow the book to read rather than purchase it, as is my case.

I’ve not written this post to cause a shit fight, I am truly curious what others think about this. Do they purchase it regardless or do they borrow it from a friend/library etc? Or have they stopped purchasing the ebooks and following the authors purely because of how much they are charging for an ebook now?

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