Fits of hysterics here ğŸ˜‚😂😉

Bit of background here, up until recently I’ve never been into the MC books, buttttttttttt I have since corrected that idiotic oversight. In fact I binge read those suckers now. Anyway back to my post…

I’ve finally decided to watch S.O.A, yes I bit that bullet too and I’m kind of hooked now. So here I am watching season 1 and in episode 5, I literally ended up in hysterics. I have now requested from any of my MC Authors if they can add a secondary character just like that. I even threw in a big pretty, pretty, pretty please put in there.

😂😂 Cause Fuck me really CMD 😂😂 Compulsory Masturbation Disorder – Really OMFG 😂😂


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