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Many, many years ago, in an online community far, far away… Yes I know, but I couldn’t resist. I met a man who loved Poetry. This was before he had published three books and won oodles and oodles of contests. That man was David J Delaney.

A former truck driver, who turned not just his experiences from traveling around various parts of Australia while on the road driving but also stories from family, friends and war vets into inspiration for his poetry. He is a man to be reckoned with, finishing school at the age of 15 and with no formal training in writing, like any true blue Aussie, David has not let that get in his way when it comes to the crafting of his poems, they are as individualistic as he is. Though it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to catch up with him in person (we do try to catch up whenever his wife, Beverly, and he drive through town on their way back to Cairns from one of their many grey nomad adventures but the timing always seems wrong, however we will get there one day Dave!), I stalk, oops follow his adventures on Facebook and cheer with each new poem written, contest won or mention made.

This man not only writes Poetry like a true Australian Bush Poet but he is one of the kindest men I know. I have dabbled with short story writing and poetry over the years and used to bounce them off David as a sounding board, his words of encouragement are still very dear to my heart even to this day. Recently I shared an article that had been written on him and we got to chatting, as we sometimes do. Ok, to be honest, it was me whining and sooking about losing his first book during one of my moves and David being the gracious and kind man that he is, listened and then sent me not just one of his books (the missing one) but all three.

A bit of background on the lost book… it was a first edition of the very first book he published My Small Book Of Poems. I had watched as he and his family took on the monumental task of publishing this book, their own way. I watched proudly while attending his first ever release party in a small bar (which name now eludes me) in Cairns as his hard work paid off and that little gem became a fully fledged published book on sale. I even made him sign my copy.

Then when book 1 was followed by book 2, Rhymes of Times. I couldn’t have been more prouder. Then came along book 3, Out of Australia. Watching his poetry evolve over time, has been a secret delight of mine. Because I know how much of his heart and soul is weaved into each word and line he has written.

If you like poetry and want a taste of Australian poetry in particular. David’s books are something you don’t want to miss out on. I’ll be honest I tend to liken him to some of our greater bush poets, but shhhhh don’t tell David I said that. I had to laugh no sooner had his books arrived in my greedy lil hands and my father pinched them, but have no fear I wrestled them back from him with no damage to the books, I won’t comment on the condition of my father though.





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